Note to Self... I am not Wonder Woman - and it's okay.

This having a baby business has really made me realize a few things about myself. Seriously.

#1 - I am not Wonder Woman - and it's really okay. I don't have to be Wonder Woman and it's alright. I am learning to accept this new found knowledge (not that I thought I was Wonder Woman before hand), and to take things slower.

#2 - It is okay to relax, put my feet up, and let others do things (including putting away the groceries).

#3 - Having your abdominal muscles sliced in half is hell. Pure Hell. Thankfully, the reason why they were sliced is well worth the hellaciousness (and then some) but I need to chillax and realize that I have, indeed, had my body sliced open and as a result must slow down and let my body heal.

#4 - Tall beds are great, unless the above situation applies. Then, they suck. Big time. Thank goodness for step stools... forever and ever... amen.

#5 - If I didn't already think so, I now know that my Momma is the best(e)st momma in the whole wide world, galaxy, universe. She is here and I honestly don't know what Steve and I would do without her here. She's been through lots of kids, grandkids, friends kids, and c-sections. She knows what my limitations are (and what they should be) and lets me get a far as I can push (and then a bit more) before she yells at me (at Wal-Mart even) to stop and let her do things for me. She is one smart chickie and let's me do just a bit more than I should so that I hurt enough to learn a lesson, but not enough to do any damage. See, she is one smart chickie!! And  I want to grow up to be just like her when I finally grow up.

#6 - Stupid people go to Wal-Mart the day they come home from the hospital, after delivering said wonder child via c-section, to do grocery shopping. Said person would be me. Stupid me. My body is paying me back today for abusing it yesterday.

#7 - Vicodin is awesome. However, when previously mentioned trips to Wal-Mart occur, just after miracle drug is taken, it should be no shock to person taking it, that you don't know you're over doing it. Stupid person. Stupid, stupid person.

#8 - My husband is amazing and I am blessed to call him my husband. Seriously beyond blessed. He even brought me chocolate - and good stuff too!

#9 - Taking a shower first thing in the morning has to become a priority... or it may never happen that day.

So, yes, I'm in the learning process of taking it easy and slow. So weird for me. Not that I was crazy active or busy before the baby came, but usually I just do what I need to do to get things done. Sometimes the cost is losing sleep. Sometimes, the cost is drinking an energy drink (or twelve) to keep going full throttle. Sometimes, in the past, it has been not spending time with my Prince Charming in order to get something that I thought was super important accomplished or finished. 

I'm learning. I really am learning. Lots of new things too. Babies are precious and wonderful. And, though they are small and young, they know how to wrap you around their tiny fingers and get you to hold them all the time (maybe it's that addicting smell they have), and love on them always - even when you want to sleep.  

I am over the moon happy with life today. Overjoyed at where we are in our marriage and with our new son. But, with that is time to learn. For me, today's lesson is definitely on taking it slow and letting people help me out - especially when I don't know I need it and they do.  I am loved, and loved more than I probably deserve. I am forever thankful for it though.
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