Trying to Keep Up...

I've decided that using a Mac laptop is not as simple as I thought it would be. I thought it would be a simple easy conversion and I'd gain (quickly mind you) an additional set of computer skills. Not so much.  I haven't given up mind you, but the learning part is a whole lot slower than I had expected. A whole lot slower....

Silver Bella is right around the corner - just over 55 days left. Yes, I'm counting. Seriously! It's been a huge highlight in the past, and though the bean will make his appearance this year, I know that Silver Bella will be a highlight again this year for me.  I've signed myself up for a slew of swaps and already have a few of them completed - I know. It's amazing that I'm done so early. I need to start gathering my class supplies together so that I'm not running around locating the items I'll need to purchase. My goal is to ship everything to the hotel so that I don't have to worry about lugging luggage. I don't know if that plan will get accomplished or not - but that's my current plan! I really am so looking forward to seeing my Bella friends from years past, and to meeting the new Bella's. It's such a fantastic weekend!

I've had a great time reorganizing my studio (never thought I'd EVER say that) and enjoying my supplies. I can't wait to have the nursery organized and filled up with all things baby related. 

As far as "Bean" news - we're both growing. Literally. I know it's to be expected and that it's totally normal. Really though, I feel incredibly huge. I'm not and I know I'm not, but I feel like I am. Surely you know what I mean. Perhaps it's the 'kindly' comments at work like "man... you sure exploded last night" or... "you mean you have until the end of December? Seriously? Are you sure they have your due date right? You're HUGE!". Great ways to boost the 'ole self esteem, right? He's doing well, and is quite active. I'm getting lots of requests to "rub" the belly. I love it when he kicks them - even more when it's someone I don't care for.

The freezer is stocked. Steve would prefer it if it wasn't - but it is.  I'm not doing as grand as I had hoped with our menu planning/cooking - but we're doing better at it than we have in the past.

My soldering classes appear to be a big hit! I've added a few additional classes to the schedule for this year. That's all there is until the Bean arrives and things have settled down. I'm so glad that others are enjoying soldering as much as I do. 

I think that's everything. I'm going to try harder to keep the 'ole blog updated - even if I have to use Steve's PC to do it!
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