Color Me Excited!

I can't wait to go and see Mama Mia the movie! The previews have me dancing in my seat EVERY time! It looks like such a great fun movie, and with the incredible cast lined up it has to be good. Of course, I'd go see any movie with Colin Firth in it - even if it was a super rotten tomato. Pierce Brosnan? Meryl Streep? Seriously talk about great!

It's a shame that my girlie friends here are totally not into watching it - it looks like I'm going to fly down and see it with my Mom. That's not a bad thing! It would be great to have another visit with my parents, my brother & sister, and the kids. Of course, the yummy food wouldn't be a huge set back. NOT! :)

I'm jamming away to my ABBA Gold CD. Something tells me that the Mamma Mia Soundtrack will shortly be added to my collection. :)
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