Star Light... Star Bright

Did you know that I am a star fanatic? Yep, I am. I have been for as long as I can remember.

While I was growing up, my family lived in Germany (17 years!). My father did a LOT of traveling (TDY to military families). I've always been a Daddy's girl (I'm a Momma's Girl too now though), and when we was away, if I felt particuarly lonely I would look up into the sky and know that he could see the very same stars I was.

The same thing worked for me when I made my big move to the US. Despite being an American citizen, the US was a completely foreign country to me. My roommates couldn't understand why I found somethings so fascinating (Ramen Noodles and 24 hour Wal-Marts), and couldn't grasp the concepts of others (speed limits on highways). I missed my family and the familiarity of our life. Looking up at the stars was something I still had in common with my family (though in a different time zone/continent) and it brought me much comfort.

I didn't realize until a few days ago, how much my love for stars has impacted my home decorating style. I'm still waiting to decorate and completely settle into our house. The rooms I'm dying to do are the ones in the middle of reconstruction (still missing the wall) so there are boxes of photo frames, wall decor, stars and other misc decorations in a corner in the entryway/front living room. I could easily have stars displayed all over our home. I especially love the barn stars and stars made with grapevines (my Christmas tree is actually almost all stars in red, gold, rusted metal, and ivory!).
Really there was a point to this post, but it's escaped me at this point. Dang... I'm sure it was something earth shattering too. Perhaps even brilliant enough to bring us world peace and general acceptance of all things thrifty, glittery, and fabulous.
Maybe it had something to do with Silver Bella - it's only 5 days away and will be such fun! Valita and I did much thrifting in our attempts to find outfits for our Junk Gypsy attired evening on Friday. Mine is totally inspired by a photo I found on their website. We'll see how it turns out that night. I think big 'ole Texas hair might be appropriate. Hey, at least there's a reason to dig out some hairpieces. I'm sure they're around here somewhere!
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