5 Years....

5 Years ago... (also known as half a decade), my sweet boy was born. I think about him all the time; especially in the months leading up to the anniversary of his birth. So very many thoughts on my mind; so many blessings have come my way.
Last year, I wrote a few indepth posts about adoption, my feelings, emotions, and my experiences surrounding it. So many of you asked honest deep questions. I love that I am able to share my adoption experiences with you. Adoption is so mysterious to so many. In reality, in my world at least, there is no mystery. I'm basically an open book when it comes to talking about my life and about adoption.
Once again, I'd love to open the floor (or the comment box) to any questions you might have about adoption, my feelings about adoption (whether from an adoptee's perspective or from a birthmother's perspective), or just my opinion on adoption in general. I promise I will give each question an honest and true answer. For those of you who have questions for my parents, I'm sure they would love to answer your questions too.

Without any further adu, Happy Birthday to my most perfect, my most beautiful, my most wonderful creation ever - Dylan!
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