Oh my... I'm "famous"... well kinda...

It's a great day!

This weekend we had Donna Downey visiting us over at The Scrapbook Pad (have I told you often enough how this is my favorite job??). Talk about CRAZY crops! I love being the store's Event's Coordinator and sometimes Crop Hostess (I'll be back on a regular store schedule in September). This wekeend, I was more than a little ... um .... in rare form both nights. Seriously. Here are a few photos from Donna's blog.

Yes, that's me - and of course my partner in papercrafting crime (though she's digital now), assisting me with my surfing skills. Yes I'm in a pink feather boa, and yes I am most certainly wearing a 'drag queen worthy' tiara. BUT, it was all for promoting Scrap Pink! Seriously!

Yes, I almost surfed right into Donna. Yikes!

Honestly, I am a dork. We were all supposed to be doing our "Elsie" poses... um... do you think we achieved it? Seriously. What on earth was I thinking?
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