Yep! The rumours are correct! The Marshall Creek Road house has sold - closed - done! Whew! YAY! Now I can get back to focusing on the Pine Ridge Road house. And oh what a list of things we have to work on! All new bathrooms, all new flooring, new exterior painting... oh so many new things are happening at this house! So much that we're going to need to find a better name for it rather than "Hell House!".

To help celebrate the closing of the MCR house, let's have a contest! Oh yes - let's! Recently two books have tickled my fancy in a wonderful and glorious way! The first is Foof-a-Life by the Autumn Leaves Team. This book is totally and completely inspired by the incredible Teresa McFayden.

The second is a book by the lovely Jennifer McGuire titled "101 Things You Can Do With Your Scrapbook Supplies." It's quite a fun book to flip through and get ideas on different ways to use your tools and supplies.

SO, the contest is this:

We're having our front door painted a fabulous shade of red, however it's name is quite gruesome. Leave me a comment with what you think the official Behr name color is and the person with the paint color name closest to the actual color name wins. The prize is the winners choice between the two books. I'll even pick up brand new copies at my favorite scrapping shop, The Scrapbook Pad (I'm not biased - I just work there. But, they really do ROCK) Simple enough? I'll leave the contest open until Sunday evening at 6pm.

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