Our "Old New" House

As of this morning, our "Old New" house has been on the market for 4 days. As of Monday, it had been shown at least 5 times (well 5 times that we've gotten feedback on). And, I'm beyond thrilled to report that we recieved our first offer today! YAY! We countered their offer, so with any luck (and a whole huge honkin' bunch of prayers) our counter will be accepted and we'll move into the contracting stage! Wahoo! Talk about HAPPY thoughts! Seriously it would be so incredibly fantastic - We'd be in heaven!

This coming weekend will be loaded with activities from dawn till drop... literally! My awesome parents are driving up (and over) from Farmington, New Mexico for the holiday weekend. My sister and her children (Arissa, Michael, and Ainsley) are also coming up, but from McAllen (Edinburg actually), Texas. I'm really looking forward to spending time with all of them and enjoying the fun that having young children appears to be.

Of course, with all of this fun brings an element (or twelve) of stress. I haven't had the time I need to get our new home unpacked and ready for company. I've been working like a madwoman getting things unpacked, but there's still a bunch to do. (Yes, Krista, I have photos to share - I need to upload them first though. Kristy - I promise to share photos of the house, the pantry, and my new studio too! ).

I'll try to pop in here sometime this weekend to upload and update on the fam. It's going to be crazy, but I'm going to try to love every minute of it!
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