We Did It!

Mission accomplished! We closed on the house yesterday morning - and received the keys shortly thereafter. WOW... such a surreal experience! I can't believe we've actually made it this far, and that house hunting is officially FINISHED! Seriously! Yay!

Steve and I made a trip to IKEA yesterday to scope out a few new things we'd like to eventually purchase. Of course, our trip wouldn't be complete with out their hot dogs (seriously. They're YUM-O! You must try them!).

We came home and I took a nap while Steve tinkered around and started loading boxes into his truck. Now, if that isn't a switch I don't know what is. I'm usually the one on the go and Steve's taking it easy. I must admit, napping was uber delightful!

So, the moving journey has started. Steve's master plan is to have the kitchen stuff moved ASAP so that we won't have to eat out anymore. At first I thought it was because he was tired of fries and burgers (hello dude, there ARE other things to eat on the menu). However, he admitted he missed my cooking - how sweet! So, with any luck, I'll unpack and organize the kitchen tonight and will fix our first dinner in it soon thereafter.

We're planning to do most of the move on Saturday from 10am - 3:30pm - we figured using that schedule would miss most of the race traffic. Our church friends have graciously offered to coe and help up. What a blessing! We're planning to have plenty of sodas and water there and of course pizza and cookies for lunch (we couldn't let anyone leave hungry!). So, if you're free Saturday afternoon - stop by! We'd love to have you join us (and of course ask your assistance in moving a few boxes. tee hee hee).

After that, we'll be focusing our energies on getting our current (soon to be "old") house on the market and sold. Ooooh what fun!

In other news, I had a lovely Easter "suprise". As I bit into a piece of Easter candy, my crown fell out. Seriously. Lovely, eh? So, tommorrow I get to spend time with my dentist's office getting it fixed. Talk about fun, eh?

But, a sweet friend of mine from The Scrapbook Pad, Tree needs to finish up her massage therapy internship this week. So, she offered me a two hour massage FREE! YAY! Seriously! How divine?? Her husband was recently offered a new position with a new airline - so she's leaving us. I'm pretty bummed actually. She's such a fun person with an incredible positive spirit. But, email will keep us in touch which is a good thing.

Make it a great day!
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