And in this corner...

Ladies and Gentleman…. May I have your attention please….. In this corner we have the outgoing and big mouthed Heather A. weighing in at a number she’d rather not mention. And in this corner we have the incredible and ever computer skilled Heather B. also weighing in at a number she’d rather not mention. The rules of this competition are simple… the first one to lose 20 pounds is the winner!

Yes, you read right. Heather and I are in deep competition to see who can lose 20 pounds fastest. The winner gets a fabulous pedicure at the expense of the second place winner. Really, there can’t be a loser in this competition. We’re both working towards healthier us’s. LOL

I’m having the DICKENS of a time staying focused. Seriously. I started running (much to Steve’s dismay) and I’ve heard that runners lose weight in their lower body. I have 20 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight (my goal – not my doctor’s goal). I’d really like to slim down my hips, thighs, and legs and running is the only thing I can come up with that will most likely work. I don’t want to lose any upper body weight because … well… quite honestly… I’m a flat chested kind of girl. I’m talking about the kind of girl who could honestly NEVER wear a bra… and no one would be the wiser. Seriously. If I had not found the Fredericks of Hollywood Water Bra’s, my chest would likely appear to be concave shaped. (Have you seen the episode with water bras on Will & Grace? SOOO funny)

I’m not Catholic, but I’ve decided to give something up for Lent. I believe in giving up something for the greater good, or to better ones self, and even in giving something up to help another. I fast monthly, focusing my thoughts and prayers towards a cause (whether it be for a friends grief, trials, health, or myself and my personal goals). Of course, our competition is giving me a bit of a push towards giving things up. Honestly, I’d love to say I’ll give up caffeine but at this point it’s just not logical. I could, but it would be an incredible struggle – and I don’t even want to try and overcome it. I love LOVE love my Diet Coke, Diet Mountain Dew and Diet Dr. Pepper.

So, I’ve decided to give up sweets. (Steve, I hear you laughing!!) So, for the next 40 days, I’m not going to eat candy, cookies, cupcakes, desserts, chocolate (GASP!), or any other typical over the counter impulse candy or baked goods. If I really must have something sweet to tide me over, it’ll have to be something natural and fresh as in an apple wedge, peach, banana, nectarine or other healthy substitute. My coworkers think I’ve lost my mind. I know my husband will laugh so hard, he’ll likely break my antique chair as he falls off of it.

I’m determined to get my body into the absolute best shape I can as soon as I can. Steve and I are going to try and start our family this year. It’s important that my body be the best shelter it can be so that when our bean starts, it’s in the perfect soil with the best nutrients it can have.

Granted, by the time our garden is ready to( should our garden be able to produce of course – which is a very huge likely problem and possibility) I’ll likely need a total overhaul. Then I won’t feel a bit bad about having some skin nipped here and a bunch tucked there.

Off to finish my Weight Control Oatmeal. It’s tasty – I really DO like it!

.5 pounds down.... 19.5 to go!
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