Hair Woes

For as long as I can remember, i've always had VERY straight hair.

In fact, when I was 12 my parents gave e a trip a salon to have my hair permed. It was a very big deal. I had fairly long hair, and the stylist (and I still remember how strange he was) shared that he was going to need to cut some of my hair off because it was too long to perm. So, my hair was cut to about 4" below my shoulders.

When I left that day, my hair was curly. When I went to bed that night, my hair was straight. No, I didn't wash it, rinse it, spritz it, jump in rain puddles or anything else that would have gotten my hair wet. The curls just fell out...

So, the next day my mother took me back to the salon to talk to the stylist (still a very strange dude) and he said that my hair was still too long and that if he cut more off, the curl would bounce back in.

So, more of my hair came off. The curls didn't come back.

The point of the story is.... my hair has NEVER held curls. There was no hairspray, mousse, gel, spray or any other product that could get them to stay

Until about 6 months ago.....

My hair is now a flaming frizz ball (at times) with defined curls. I don't get it... I'm not complaining (necessarily) but sheeesh... this is still a new thing for me! I didn't do anything to my hair (perm, etc).

I've heard that hormones can do it to you... even when I was pregnant I didn't have hair like this.

So friends, any curly hair tips?
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