Aahhhh..... getting organized

It's finally coming to fruition! My studio is starting to feel "mine" and I'm feeling some serious mojo flowing through me. I SO wanted to stay and play in my room today. My ink pad storage arrived last night, and I spent a few hours painting them (and I'll need to touch up a few spots still). I put them back together (seriously, that was a pain!), and Steve hung them for me. He's such a great guy!

He also hung up my stamp storage! Wahooo! He's been debating with me for weeks over them, but I won out. They are what I wanted there (He wanted to have more of the deep shelves I already have along one wall installed in this space). They're FABULOUS!!! I can't take credit for the idea. I gleaned it from my fabulous friend, Heather B. More about them to come later... Here's a photo of part of my workspace. Eventually.... it will be tidy!

Also completed is my ribbon storage! I know, I know! I am on a ROLL!! My disaster is becoming tamed. My husband should be incredibly happy. I know it drives him nuts to see it in such disarray. I can't believe how much ribbon fit into these containers - and how much space I have left to ... grow into. I can't believe I admitted that there's space to grow into! :) I did go through my ribbon, and realized... I don't need 12 yards of each ribbon. So, unless it's something I love a WHOLE lot, I only kept a few yards. Each ribbon is in it's own little ziplock bag (mostly 2"x3" bags, but some are 3"x4" bags), and is sorted by color - unless it's a Maya Road ribbon. In that case, it's in its own box! :) Each box is two colors. I have 8 boxes (6 for colors, 1 for Maya Road and 1 for "other" ribbon). THe colors I used to sort them are:
  • White/Cream
  • Yellow/Orange
  • Pink/Red
  • Purple/Blue
  • Green/Brown
  • Grey/Black

OOOhhh I could just spend all day playing in here! Now, to get everything else under control! My patterned paper is organized, as is all of my cardstock and paper scraps. My embellishments are all sorted (for the most part) and are in tidy boxes. Sitting at work, I can't think of what I need to focus on in my studio, I just know that it's a mess!

Merry Christmas!

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